Life with a twist of lime

I didn’t want to freak everyone out before I knew what I was dealing with, but now things are under control, so I wanted to catch people up. I’ve been feeling like complete and utter crap the last couple of weeks, and when rest and healthy food didn’t seem to kick the problem, I hauled ass to the doctor and then waited all week for test results. I completely freaked myself out, imagining all sorts of horrible possibilities (it doesn’t help to wait for your decree on the cusp of Rosh Hashanah, let me tell you!), got lots of hugs from my parents, and then spent the weekend curled up with Sam, who basically spent two days hugging me and telling me, “You’re surrounded by people who love you and everything will be all right.” There aren’t words to describe what that meant to me.

The verdict? Lyme disease. We caught it very early, it’s 3 weeks of antibiotics and I’m good again. And a diagnosis means I can tell people to back off if I need to lower the stress level at work, which I’m very grateful for.

So then my brother, who had come with me to the doctor’s office, went with me to the Farmer’s Market at Union Square and then we caught Lord of War together. Damn good movie, really chewy stuff, and I very much needed that to decompress a little.

My feelings on diagnosis and treatment after having taken the meds, whose side effects are remarkably similar to the symptoms I was already having, “In the beginning, there was nothing. And God said, ‘Let there be light.’ And there was still nothing … but you could see it.”


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