Sam and I had a great weekend, went to see the Max Ernst exhibit, which was pretty wild. He was doing such different things at different periods in his life, and I kept getting drawn into these sensuous forestscapes of his. You could look at his paintings for a year and keep noticing new details that changed your perception of the whole. These bird shapes kept recurring in his paintings with very rounded beaks. They look surprisingly like him as an old man, but not as a young man; he was interred a few times during WWII, and I wonder if his nose was broken, and if the birds are his way of coming to terms with a new face.

We saw Amelie, which I’d never seen before, and which was splendid! Gah, such loveliness. And Central Park is blooming, tulips bursting everywhere. Central Park is so well-designed and groomed; there are places where you feel with a shock like you’re trespassing on a rich English estate, and then you realize this is yours.

One sour note: I got some sort of stomach bug on Sunday, which meant I actually dragged myself out of the house at 8:40 and halfway up the block, sick to my stomach, but determined to get the eggplant parmesan I’d been coveting all Passover, even though the very thought made me even more sick. And then I thought, “What am I doing?” I went home, switched to something gentler but not what I had wanted, and tried to take my mind off being ill by watching Exodus for the nth time.

Every time I see Exodus, I’m back in Israel, walking to the cinematheque past the thistles in the dry heat, with the posters for Yellow Submarine up in the theater. And I’m twenty, watching it with my best friend in the Toasters at Bard, cheering whenever Paul Newman gets a good one in. And I’m older, watching it with post-911 and Intifada eyes, wondering if I’m accepting the Jewish terrorism because they’re the home team, or whether there’s some critical difference in ideology or method.

Oh and hey, almost forgot, I saw Hitchhikers on Friday with my brother and my friend Sara! Definitely being with them was the highlight; the film was good, and the opening song and the hitchhiker animation was great, but it’s just not a film I need to see again in a hurry.


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