Reaching ‘yet’

So the new semester started at the Sem, which meant my lunch break consisted of dragging my very large mattress, box spring and bedding up to my dad’s office because both my parents are teaching here this semester, which means they actually get to share a bed like married people! (Gah, run-on sentence…) Which also means I get to hang out with both my parents more than I have for the last few weeks. I was getting family-deprived, only going home one weekend and hanging out with Uri and Jody in the city. *smirk*

But yeah, I really love being able to go downstairs when I’m having a shitty day and just get a quick hug.

On the subject of “Not yet,” I went to Mincha today. Trying to figure out (a) whether I liked it enough to do it again and (b) whether I’m doing it for its own sake or whether I’m just trying to be superjew. When I started doing Shaharit I waited a whole year before telling anyone I was doing it; I didn’t want it to be about my parents’ approval and I sure as hell didn’t want to weird out my friends. But I did Shaharit every day when I was a kid, whereas I don’t know jack about what to do for Mincha, so I went to the sanctuary downstairs from work. Which means when I got there, I discovered what I sorta hadn’t let myself think about before going: my dad, his boss, his students/my friends and a huge chunk of the student body were there. Not exactly a private test of faith. But yeah, I think I liked it enough to go again.


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