Man, busy, busy week. Hotmail is still giving me trouble, guys, so it’s probably easiest to get hold of me by phone.

Had a great time yesterday with mabfan and gnomi; we wandered through the Strand for a few hours and found this great kosher Moroccan restaurant a block from Union Square. Really amazing place, gotta go back there. Sad commentary on modern life, Union Square is near a bunch of student coffeehouses and the like, but I couldn’t think of a good one to go to. Mab asked if I knew where the nearest Starbucks was, and I rattled off four right away.

And I’ve been watching way too many movies with my new Blockbuster pass; saw Supersize Me, Spellbound, Saved, Paycheck, Bubba-ho-tep and Master and Commander this past weekend, and I’m still waiting for them to get Alias season three in before the new season starts. It would help to know what the hell is going on with the characters and all… sigh.

Story I’m working on is giving me trouble; I really like the characters and plot, but it’s not the best work I’ve ever done and I’m fairly sure it’s not of salable quality. Hard to keep working on something when it’s not up to your standards, but I’m trying to keep at it. I like the characters enough that I’d want to write more stories with them, but something’s just not coming together right. Grr. Maybe I should just switch gears and write something else for a little while, mull this one over a bit.


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