Giving and Receiving

Man, this Thanksgiving I pretty much spent every minute giving to others. It started Wednesday morning when my parents took me to give blood with them for someone in their congregation who has leukemia. The two of them have never given blood before, and I’m an old hand, so it was fun shepherding them through it. Mom was nearly disqualified because she travels outside the country so much. A local deli donated yummy bagels and lox, and IMO giving blood is really fun anyway, but man, did I have a bad reaction the next day, babbling and making very little sense. (Yeah, I know I babble, but I’m told that generally I do so very lucidly and insightfully. This time no one could figure out what the hell I was saying, least of all me.)

Then I did lots of housework and massages, made yummy omelettes for the common good, and then I spent the better part of THREE DAYS being beaten into submission by the following herculean tasks:

1. Get ten years-worth of my mother’s files condensed from three machines onto one, despite massive file incompatibilities.

2. Edit my mom’s manuscript before an urgent deadline. (Which was way cool, as I’ve never been good enough to spot errors in her stuff before, and she was agreeing with maybe 80% of what I suggested.)

3. Get the corrected manuscript from the laptop onto one of the older computers for printing, only to realize this renders it full of dingbats, run up and down stairs seventeen times trying to format the file type, and finally give up and redo the damn thing by hand, get on a bus, call when I get home, and do another hour of tech support so my mom can back the file up.

On the receiving end, however, I got lots of hugs and kisses, really yummy birthday cake from my aunt and uncle, and an MP3 player from my parents! Squee!

And it was great to see the family, and man, my mom makes a mean vegetarian Thanksgiving. Broiled salmon, roasted root vegetables, candied sweet potatoes, veggies, lentil soup, cranberry sauce, mmmm… Plus, for breakfast, homemade bagels with really good lox.


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