Where the streets have no name

Yesterday we heard cheering and singing outside the office, and finally managed to peer out the windows (there’s a huge facade that blocks the view of the street, but allows a splendid view of a cathedral) to see a big rig truck below with a band performing on top of the truck bed as police cars guided it through traffic and fans and video cameras ran alongside. Turns out, U2 had a surprise concert yesterday, and that was them making the rounds of Manhattan! Very cool.

Anyhow, off to N’ton for Thanksgiving. And fun fact of the day, the Officer Obie mentioned in “Alice’s Restaurant” has one other claim to fame: he was the model for the cop used by Norman Rockwell in a number of his paintings. So “Alice’s Restaurant,” on another level, is what happened when the counterculture met Norman Rockwell.

Have a great Thanksgiving, all!


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