Yay! Huge thank you to mabfan, who dragged me along last night to a reception for SFWA. Got to catch up with two old Clarion classmates,tobiasbuckell and Dave Kirtley, who are both doing quite well for themselves, and also got to meet a bunch of editors, agents and other writers who are at various points in their careers, and get different perspectives about what’s out there.

It was a hectic weekend, too; I had a blast hanging out with my brother on Sunday (Go see The Incredibles! Now! Hysterically funny, and the movement of the characters was breathtakingly graceful.) but the really amazing thing this weekend was having soul food with my childhood best friend, who I really haven’t seen in thirteen years. It’s pretty wild; we haven’t seen each other for half our lives, but we’re both writers who play around with genre, and we’re both at pretty similar points in our lives, professionally and personally. It was wonderful to hear about everything she’s doing, the classes she’s teaching, the things she’s writing, and oh yeah, she has a book coming out! Very cool.

I have done jack so far for National Novel Writing Month. I really need to get my butt in gear.


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