Got into a comics discussion earlier and started wondering why I got out of collecting them, when the ones I have (and I have a fairly decent collection) are so good. So I went over to crack_van, hoping to get some fanfic recommendations and an outline of where canon has taken things in the last four years, and was reminded of this gem: Sabretooth/Wolverine: They hate each other with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. Also, Sabretooth may have killed Logan’s wife (‘may have’, as in, we’re not sure if a) he killed her, b) she’s dead, c) she was really Logan’s wife, d) she ever actually existed).

And that was from the days when they had good writing and almost no crossovers.

*goes back to beating her head against the wall* Pain is good.

On the other hand, there’s some mindblowing stuff out there these days, just not much from the big houses. I just miss my childhood, when you didn’t have to wade through this shit to find the gems. You could pick up pretty much any Marvel comic, even one you didn’t normally read, and get lost in the storytelling and the simple but fluid art.


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