Promises, promises

I’ve decided to not write fanfic for a month and focus my energy on trying to write novels for a while. So far, the top contenders are a romance novel, a young adult thriller, and a supernatural police procedural; we’ll see which one wins out. The first two have the advantage of being shorter formats, meaning I have a chance in hell of finishing them in under a month, but the last one has the tempting possibility of a psychic in a leather biker jacket and silk boxers. Decisions, decisions…

I saw two amazing movies this weekend, Motorcycle Diaries and Hero. Motorcycle Diaries pissed me off because no one should be able to adapt nonfiction into drama that deftly. Grrr. Hero was freaking awesome, classic Hong Kong plot and moves with Hollywood production values to give it a little polish. And Jet Li was in top form, hitting emotional chords I haven’t seen since Once Upon a Time in China or Iron Monkey.

And on the way to the theater, we saw transvestites costumed as Hooters girls for Halloween. Teresa said, “Damn, they’ve got the legs for those shorts!”

On a vastly different subject, if this election turns out as crooked as the last one, I propose we celebrate Guy Fawkes Day by taking to the streets to depose George.


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