Yesterday was hard, trying to be there for my family and juggle what everyone needed. I freaking hate it that we’re the only egalitarian branch of the family; it frustrated me that a number of Tateh’s colleagues and students who came to make a minyan couldn’t be counted because they were women.

Tateh led the funeral, and had a really deft hand with the service. My uncle spoke, and my cousin, the rabbi at the shul where grandpa was gabbai for many years, a member of the congregation, and myself. Everyone said things that were beautiful, honest, and without overlap. I’m putting all the remarks together in an album, if I can.

And then today I went back to work and an emergency staff meeting, and I’m working waaay late tonight to try and make a dent in the massive pile of projects. Then tomorrow I’m going up to Northampton to help Tateh sit shiva, and staying through Wednesday. I just feel like it’s important to be there for him right now, to give the family a chance to reconnect, reorient itself.


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