The incredible shrinking candidate

Explain to me how, if Kerry is six inches taller than Bush, the cameras managed to make Bush look taller at every opportunity?

I find it deliciously ironic that Bush was stressing his first-name basis relationship with Putin at a moment when Putin holds near-dictatorial control of his country and of the media in his country.

How can Bush say it is better to be consistent in your policy than it is to base your policy on the most up-to-date intelligence and needs of the country?

Kerry did a great job of staying on top of the debate, though I was frustrated that the times he indicated he wanted an extra minute for rebuttal, he was ignored, whereas Bush was always given that extra chance to reply. But I liked what Kerry said about changing where we’re spending money, changing where we’re deploying troops, focusing on keeping weapons out of the hands of terrorists rather than on stirring up hornet’s nests.


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