I went looking up a bunch of people I used to go to middle school with, just to see what happened to them. Those kids, for good or bad, made a much deeper impression on me than the ones I knew in high school, possibly because I knew most of them from nursery school through eighth grade, but moved right before starting high school. Couldn’t find some of the people I was most curious about, like the guy who put sand down my underpants in kindergarten and later took me to the eighth grade prom, but one of my old buds is now a successful scientist at an Ivy League school, and a bully who used to beat me up is still living in Princeton and seems to be married.

In other news, I’m going home for the Taste of Northampton this weekend, and to see my family, including my cousin, who is visiting from Canada before going off to college. In my head, he’s still nine years old, so the idea of him going off to study acting gives me vertigo. In any case, since my brother starts work in another week or so, this is probably the last time my nuclear family is going to all be together in our own home for a long while. So, as usual, I’m going to be incommunicado while I’m up there. But for those of you in N’ton, I’ll be stopping by Space-Crime on Saturday afternoon, if you want to say hi!


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