Thank you, sir, may I have another!

Ugh. The second-worst part of my job is requesting permissions for various publications, partly because it is a year-long process that requires going back to the author and asking that they tell you what author, page number, book and VERSION they’re quoting (which oft-times they decide is not fun and they don’t want to look up the book on their own bloody shelves), then tracking down people who’ve been dead for a decade and publishers that have been defunct for thirty years, looking for someone to give permission. Ngh.

So today, the day we go to press, I’m abruptly handed 16 new permissions I’ve never seen before, all due by 2 PM today. Hell in a handbasket does not begin to describe it.

And shockingly, in the past three hours I’ve had reason to get down on my knees and thank God and Murphy, because I now have all but three of the quotes. Thankfully this is an office which, despite the word Conservative in the title, doesn’t mind if you skip down the halls once in a blue moon.


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