I have to kill it before it develops language skills!

Okay, something I never realized living in Princeton the last time it happened. Cicadas are very interesting and cute when they’re stuck to trees and slipping their skins one or two at a time, but they’re kinda freaky when they’re flying around in droves and landing on you like something out of a fifties horror flick. How the hell do people live in DC with this stuff? It’s insane! Thank god I straightened my hair; I was scared those frigging things were going to get caught!

The metro (subway) is fabulous, though, it’s so airy and futuristic. And we went to this freaking awesome slow food restaurant, really delicious and just satisfying in this bone-deep way. Really good food, thoughtfully prepared, just makes you feel cared for.

Anyhow, I’m just hanging with a dear friend, having a blast. It’s great to be playful, to watch action flicks and talk and just BE. He forced me to watch Rundown. Now, I was prepared to hate it because it’s the Rock, I mean, of course he can’t act, and he refers to himself in the third person. Plus, everyone else in that movie has made a name for themselves as a character actor, so clearly they were just there to make the Rock look good, right? But there were actually a lot of really original moments in it, and the Rock didn’t do the whole stoic Arnie routine; he was channeling some nice early Harrison Ford mojo, flying by the seat of his pants. Good times.


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