And abruptly…

The rotten thing about writing or drawing or any creative talent is that sometimes it just goes away. Sometimes even when I have good ideas and energy and the will to write, what comes out on the page is crappier than the drek I used to write in fourth grade. I mean, it’s bad enough when I just can’t think of anything to write, but when I have ideas but the talent and skill are just gone, it freaks me out, man. Because if you’re stuck, you know you’ll work through it, and if you’re uninspired you’re pretty sure something will catch your eye again eventually, but losing your talent? What if it doesn’t come back? It’s like opening your mouth to speak and realizing you’ve lost all your words, or trying to tie your shoes when your fingers are numb. Not just being thrown off by it, but feeling so freaking pissed off that this is something you knew how to do when you were five, and all of a sudden you can’t.


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