Different from all other nights

Man, this year rocked. First off, getting off from work for yontif is great: I basically had a whole week’s vacation. Second, I actually had fun helping my mom clean. And third, the Seders were splendid. The second Seder always has the same core people, old students of my dad’s and family friends, people who rocked me to sleep as a baby, people whose kids were kids the last time I looked but who are abruptly searching for colleges and stuff. And this year we had two new people who really meshed well with the group–my mom’s Italian Catholic yoga instructor and her Israeli husband–even though some of the old hands couldn’t make it this year.

The first Seder, though … for the first time in my entire life, we didn’t have guests. It was just me and my parents. And the thing about a Seder is, you’re supposed to have old-timers and newcomers and kids and adults so that you’re always sharing and teaching and passing on the traditions. Which can be really cool. But just having the three of us rocked, because we got to riff on the liturgy and we were really flying. We were making up new rituals and tracking down the original citations for the liturgy, and finally getting some of the oddball passages that just seem tacked on, which sounds really boring, but having an intellectual discussion between three people who know what they’re talking about and who don’t have to keep stopping to go over the basics with less experienced people is like flying down the highway at eighty miles per hour and watching the speedometer inch up to ninety. Flying.

Yeah, I know I’m weird.


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