The first shall be last

Went to Lunacon for the first time in years this weekend; Lunacon was my first con ever, and I kinda wanted to say goodbye to the Escher Hotel. I can’t believe the New York con is moving to New Jersey next year; kinda ironic.

So Susan and I went out early Saturday morning and had a blast. Really good editors panels with lots and lots of useful info and funny horror stories. I’ve got to say, working at a scholarly journal I don’t get nearly as many oddball submissions as the science fiction editors do. I’m a little envious. (Although there was that one guy who submitted religious poetry about the Statue of Liberty…) One of the editors commented that she left editing because she had gotten in hoping to learn the business from the inside so that she could break into writing herself. Instead she found she never had time to write. The worst part is, she’s far from alone. It’s the same story for most of the editors I know.

A couple of interesting panels on urban fantasy, gender in magic and anti-heroes. The anti-hero panel talked a bit about what the long-term impact of Columbine is going to be on the dark fantasy genre. It’s so frustrating that the bright pariahs in schools used to be told that the teasing would hone their talents and will and make them great writers or artists when they grew up, that that would be their revenge over the kids who humiliated them. Now they’re told they’re powder kegs who are likely to kill their classmates and go nowhere. So what does that do to both the potential pool of writers and the potential pool of their audience?

And most importantly, had fun with a buncha people I haven’t seen in a while. Ran into Merav and John, and got to hear Merav sing, which was a lovely treat. Saw a classmate of mine from Clarion, Dave Kirtley, who is doing some really good writing. And I had a great time showing Susan around her first convention. Nice to just do it for the day for once, make the experience relaxed instead of an endurance contest.


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