My friends, you bow to no one

Wow. Just wow.

I was so tense when Lord of the Rings started winning all the lower categories, even in places where I thought Pirates did a better job, because I figured the Academy was apologizing for not giving them the heavyweight awards. Then they won best adaptation, and I’m thinking “Okay, I can live with that. It’s a sop to my dignity.” Then Peter Jackson won best director and I got up and cheered, because the Academy was saying that just because it was fantasy didn’t make it junk. Because they admitted he deserved their respect. That just validated everything I want to do with my life, writing fantasy and SF.

But when they won best picture, and they all stood up there, with the hobbits all in a row and Peter Jackson wielding the Oscar and the world at their feet, I just started to cry. I’ve never cried at an awards show before, I feel a little silly for doing it now. But it was so reminiscent of the scene where Aragorn and all of Middle Earth bow to the hobbits, when they recognize that these lowly people, who are so often dismissed, have done something truly incredible.


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